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Crater PTAC helps local small business succeed in Federal Government Contracting

Virginia Energy and Lighting started almost 6 years ago as a small business with not much direction. After deliberation, searching, some mistakes and wrong turns, VEL has finally found its way and is coming into its own.


Over the past 5 years Virginia Energy and Lighting has relied heavily on PTAC for guidance and help with government contracting. As a company we have grown and the largest part of this growth is  just beginning for us. Joanne Thompkins has been a large part of this for us, as well as all of the folks down at PTAC.


In particular Joanne worked with VEL to narrow down additional manufacturing partners based on the work that direct competitors were doing in our specific fields. By doing this we have been able to expand our business partnerships and add jobs. In addition, J oanne has worked closely with us on 8(a) filings and opportunities always providing guidance above and beyond what could have been expected.


In closing, the $1.Smillion in direct government sales that VEL has done in just a 4 month period would not have been possible without PTAC. The 8(a) projects that we are starting to see come in the door would not have been possible without PTAC. The additional manufacturer partners that we have would not have been possible without PTAC.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank, from the bottom of our hearts, Joanne's efforts. She has always been there when we needed her, and has been instumental to the success of this company! We value the efforts that Joanne and all of the employees at PTAC make and cannot thank them enough!


We are proud of where we are and more proud of where we are going, and we are happy to have PTAC on our side!



Brandon Hastings, VPGM

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