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Our counselors are knowledgeable in a wide range of small business and government contracting matters.  This dedicated staff provides tailored counseling to assist your company as you negotiate the complexities of government contracting, from registering in various databases and filling out required government forms, to devising a successful marketing strategy.

PTAC offers a number of educational seminars each quarter covering a variety of procurement topics. To learn more about each seminar, visit the calendar.

Marketing Research
Knowing your customer is a basic principle of effective marketing. As a business entering the government market, often you do not possess the knowledge, personnel, money, or resources required to identify the appropriate government agencies and buying centers who would be interested in purchasing your company's products and services.

Bid Matching Service
PTAC offers a computerized Bid Matching Service (BMS) to save your company valuable time and money by locating federal, state, local, and foreign bid opportunities pertinent to your business

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