How to Obtain a D&B Duns Number

Before starting the process online, gather the following information:

SIC Code (Standard Industrial Classification), which is a commodity code pertaining to the scope of work your company does. You can find the SIC code by going to, click on the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system link.

Then click on the Division that pertains to your business and click on the links for all the SIC codes to appear.
Select one SIC code in which you primarily perform your work. That is the SIC code you will need for the D&B Duns Number application.

You will also need:

  • Legal Name of Business as it states on your TAX ID paperwork
  • Legal Structure (LLC, Inc, Sole Proprietor)
  • Physical Address
  • Mailing Address if different
  • Description of Operations
  • Socio Economic Data (Minority, Women Owned, Veteran, Service Disabled Vet, etc)
  • Number of Employees
  • Annual Sales or Revenue

After you gather all that information and you are ready to start requesting the Duns Number, go to and follow the next steps.

  1. scroll down until you see yellow bar "Get a D&B Duns Number for Government purposes". Click Here
  2. click on the Click here to request Duns No via the web.
  3. select United States of America from the drop-down list
  4. fill out all the blocks and click on submit. You will see a list of companies who have similar names to your company.
  5. When your company is NOT listed, click on "Request a New D-U-N-S Number"
    When your company is listed there, click on request existing DUNS No. and fill out the form and the existing DUNS number will be e-mailed to you.
  6. fill out all required blocks and submit your request.

You should receive a DUNS no. within 24 hours via e-mail.

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